Which is the biggest zoo in California?

Nestled on 100 acres of beautiful settings, the San Diego Zoo is the largest zoo in California and a mesmerizing refuge for wildlife. With

more than 3,500 creatures belonging to 650 different species, it is a veritable gold mine of biodiversity. The distinctiveness of this zoo is

seen in its commitment to provide its inhabitants with natural environments. The Ituri Forest, an immersive experience with 

gorillas, hippos, and rare birds, is a must-see. Through its numerous programs and activities focused at saving endangered species, the 

zoo demonstrates its dedication to conservation. It will be really friendly to families. It's the perfect place for kids because of its kid-friendly

activities, which include a 4-D cinema and the Skyfari Aerial Tram. Arrive early to avoid the crowds, and make sure not to miss the guided bus tour.

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