What was the first gold coin ever made in usa?

The idea of the federal currency system included gold. Nevertheless, no gold pieces were coined by the Philadelphia

Mint when it first opened for business in 1792 and started minting coins in large quantities for public use in 1793. Key Mint

officials were needed to deposit $10,000 surety bonds apiece, but they were unable to acquire the necessary funds. Therefore, the

introduction of gold coins had to wait until 1795, by which time the conditions had been met and the bond amounts had been

lowered. That year saw the delivery of $5 pieces, sometimes known as half eagles, which became the first gold coinage in the 

United States. $10 pieces, or eagle pieces, were next. To complete the range of early United States gold coin denominations, another denomination, the $21/2 piece or quarter eagle, was introduced in 1796.

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