The Top 5 Most Expensive US Coins

When Bruce Morelan bought it in 2013, it sold for $10,016,875; when its reserve price was not met, he put it up for auction in October.

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar – PCGS SP66

The price it sold for in 2011 was $7.4 million, and in January 2021, it brought $9,360,000. It cost $725,000 when it was bought in 1979.

1787 Brasher Doubloon – NGC MS65

The greatest denomination of gold eagles struck at the period, $10, was discontinued by the U.S. Mint in 1804.

1804 Eagle $10 Gold Coin – NGC PR65 Deep Cameo

This coin, which is maybe the most known in America, has been subject of several publications and even more conjecture, just as the 1933 double eagle.

1804 Silver Dollar – PCGS PR68

Virgil Brand purchased it in 1899 and was the previous owner. Then in 1945 it was

1822 Half Eagle $5 Gold Coin – PCGS AU50

acquired by Louis Eliasberg, and in 1982 it was eventually owned by D. Brent Pogue. 

1822 Half Eagle $5 Gold Coin – PCGS AU50

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