The Top 4 Most Valuable U.S. Silver Dollars

The value of an 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar can vary from around $21,000 for Very Good-8 coins to over $40,000 for uncirculated ones.

1895 Morgan Dollar: $38,000

 A 1893 Morgan Silver Dollar is highly valued in any grade since a limited number of these coins continue to be in

1893-S Morgan Dollar: $9,500

the financial system today and many different coin collectors have been competing for one. 

1893-S Morgan Dollar: $9,500

 The 1889-CC Morgan dollar is just as rare as the 1893-S, albeit it may be more common than the latter. 

1889-CC Morgan Dollar: $8,100

Although it wasn't a regular issue, this doubled die variant is a popular item that is frequently left out of date-and-mintmark

1901 doubled die reverse Morgan Dollar: $1,850

coin collections. Nevertheless, ardent coin collectors will try to obtain a 1901 Morgan Dollar since they are uncommon to find.

1901 doubled die reverse Morgan Dollar: $1,850

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