The Most Underrated Islands in Mexico

Holbox is far more off the usual tourist route than other places along Mexico's Caribbean coast, even if it's no longer nearly the local secret it once was.

Isla Holbox

One of the most remarkable islands in Mexico is Espiritu Santo, which is located on the other side of the nation in the wildlife-rich Sea of Cortez, off the

Espiritu Santo

coast of Baja California Sur. The rust-colored, hilly island is composed of sharp slopes that drop out into the blue-green sea, forming secluded coves with white sand beaches.

Espiritu Santo

While a high danger of flooding might not be your ideal holiday spot, the man-made island of Mexcaltitán really benefits from it.


Located just over the tranquil Caribbean seas from Cancun's Hotel Zone, Isla Mujeres has long been the low-key, laid-back

Isla Mujeres

getaway. The five-mile-long island is a peaceful, well-liked destination among the locals despite its handy, accessible position.

Isla Mujeres

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