The Most Popular Rare U.S. Coins

Some of the uncommon US coins that are frequently found during coin collecting are as follows: 1877 Indian Head penny 

($850-$8,500). 1909-S V.D.B. penny ($750-$4,500). 1916-D Mercury dime ($1,200-$35,000). 1916 Standing Liberty quarter 

($3,900-$35,000) and any number of error coins, including doubled dies (worth from the tens of dollars to the thousands, 

based on date, prominence of doubling, etc.). How To Assess The Value Of A Rare Coin If You Own One Investing in a quality book 

on US coins is the greatest approach to determine which coins are rare. Kenneth Bressett and R.S. Yeoman's A Guide Book of 

United States Coins is a book I enjoy reading. For individuals who are unfamiliar with American coins yet need to determine 

whether the coins they have discovered are rare, this book is quite helpful. Based on mintage numbers—the total number of coins produced—and their 

respective values, you may easily determine how rare your coins are by simply comparing their dates and designs to those in the book.