The 5 Best Bakeries and Donut Shops in California

Some of the greatest apple pies are produced in Julian, a little town about an hour's drive from San Diego. Entering the vintage

1. Julian Pie Company

American pie store transports you to your grandmother's kitchen as she prepares a slice of apple crumble pie for you to eat.

1. Julian Pie Company

You won't be let down if you try an egg tart from Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco's Chinatown if you've never eaten one.

2. Golden Gate Bakery

Donut Bar, a San Diego establishment, offers some of California's most mouthwatering, inventive, and visually beautiful donuts. 

3. Donut Bar

Some of California's greatest and most intriguing Cuban sweets may be found in this shop.

4. Portos

Layers of crepes, which resemble art more than dessert, are used to create some of the most exquisite desserts that Lady M makes.

5. Lady M Cake Boutique

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