Smallest Breeds of  Domestic Cats

The majority of these short-haired cats have sable brown coats with black borders at the tips of their tails. They are curious, active, and extremely devoted to their owners, much like the majority of our little cats.

1. Singapura cat (4-8 lbs)

Due to its diminutive stature and elf-like ears, the term Dwelf is a combination of the words "dwarf" and "elf." An adult cat can be half the size of an average-sized cat and weigh between 4 and 9 pounds.

2. Dwelf cat (4-9 lbs)

Though there are some similarities between our third-ranked small cat and other critters, these cute and well-mannered cats are easily identifiable. These lively 5–9 pound love bugs aren't let down by their short legs!

3. Munchkin cat (5-9 lbs)

Like its namesake, the Napoleon is short and tiny, yet it also has a large personality. The "Minuet," a 5 to 9-pound cat, is a cuddler and playmate that can compete with the biggest of them.

4. Napoleon cat (5-9 lbs)

A hybrid of the Sphynx and Munchkin cat breeds, the Bambino is a small cat frequently referred to as a dwarf breed. But this is one friendly and gregarious cat, in spite of their little stature!

5. Bambino cat (5-9 lbs)

The pure white Devon Rex (6–9 pounds) has extremely delicate curling hair. Its whiskers are also extremely fragile and break quickly. But its temperament is not brittle! This little, lively cat enjoys having fun and entertaining its humans.

6. Devon Rex (6-9 lbs)

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