Meals to Avoid at Burger King For Diabetic

Depending on the particular menu item, Burger King meals might have different nutritional values. The Whopper Sandwich, for

example, has 13g of sugar, 48g of total fat, and 53g of carbs. 32g of carbs, 20g of total fat, and 6g of sugars are included in the

cheeseburger. The hamburger has 6g of sugar, 10g of total fat, and 26g of carbs. Diabetics can modify certain meals to make

them more diabetic-friendly, however other meals should never be consumed because of their high sugar and carbohydrate

content. Big burgers like the Whopper, fried chicken choices, triple stacker or cheese hamburgers, meals with copious amounts of mayonnaise,

ranch dressing, or rich sauces, and sugary drinks like ordinary soda, sweet iced tea, and sweetened fruit drinks are some examples of these.

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