How to Know when a protein shake has gone bad

To prevent eating dangerous organisms like mold or bacteria, you should always check your leftover protein shake for indications of

expiry before consuming it, just like you do with any other food or drink. Assess the beverage using your senses of taste, smell, and 

sight. First, examine for texture changes such as new lumpiness or unexpected separation, as well as visual signals such as a significant

darkening or change in color. Then, inhale to detect any strange or disagreeable smells. Ultimately, it's probably not safe to consume

your shake if you discover that the flavor has changed from the first time you sampled it. An other method is to freeze your protein shake, which will keep it

fresh for around three months if you want to keep it longer than its typical fridge shelf life. To make protein shake cubes, just pour the mix onto an ice 

cube tray, just like you would with frozen coffee or premade smoothies. When ready to eat, place them in a blender with your preferred drink and process until smooth.

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