4 Most Beautiful US Coin 

Sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt was behind making the very similar Quarter Eagle $2.50 gold coin or the Indian Head Half Eagle $5 gold coin. 

Indian Head Half Eagle (1908–1929)

Boston artist Augustus Saint Gaudens' design for the American $20 gold piece, which is arguably the most famous American

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1908–1933)

 coin design ever, had its premiere in 1907 sans the inscription "In God We Trust" and with roman numerals for the date.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1908–1933)

Beautiful artwork by artist Adolph A. Weinman was made for the half dollar starting in 1916.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916–1947)

The Indian Head Eagle front and rear of the $10 gold piece, which was manufactured

Indian Head Eagle (1907–1933)

 between 1907 and 1933, were created by Irish-born artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Indian Head Eagle (1907–1933)

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