4 Keto Starbucks Drinks That Won't Ruin Your Diet

This advice should be disregarded if all you visit Starbucks for are their posh multi-ingredient 

Dark Roast Coffee (0g net carbs)

 concoctions, but roast coffee is undoubtedly the secret to their success.

Dark Roast Coffee (0g net carbs)

A traditional espresso will appeal to both coffee enthusiasts and experts. If you require an extra kick, go for a double or just one shot.

Espresso (1g net carbs)

Your next Starbucks order should be an espresso con panna if you don't mind increasing

Espresso Con Panna (2g net carbs)

the carb count on your espresso to two grams in order to indulge in a little more luxury. 

Espresso Con Panna (2g net carbs)

Since an Americano is simply espresso served with hot water, depending on quantity, there are only one to two grams of carbs.

Americano (1-2g net carbs)

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